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Christine Schrader

Read the Warning Signs

   We were in a medical facility and I went to the lavatory. On the wall behind the commode, there were posted signs. I read one sign and laughed out loud. It stated in big letters, ĎDo Not Put Hand in the Toilet. I couldnít imagine anyone putting their hand in a public commode. I mentioned it to one of the workers, and she laughed. Then she said that someone might be tempted if they dropped a ring in the commode and it would be dangerous. I had noticed the dark ring inside the flush hole. She informed me that it shredded the toilet paper so that the commodes would not get clogged. Imagine what it could do to fingers!

   It is important to read warning signs. The good Lord put warning signs in the Bible so that we would not get hurt. The first major signs are the Ten Commandments. If we obey the rules, we will do well. However, if we disobey the instructions, we will get hurt. Some people think that if they are ignorant of the warning signs, in the Bible, they will not be judged on what they donít know. But we are responsible to obey Godís commandments, even if we donít read them. There are still consequences if we break the rules. Reading the warning signs is not enough. We need to obey the signs.

 But be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves (James 1:22).

God Bless


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